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Originally Posted by cerial View Post
This is just a way for some liberal jackoff to get attention. Good bad or whatever. There stupid azz is now getting attention so they can point the finger at there opposition and say "look they don't care about the children".

I guess farmers could just hire more foreigners and pass the farm on to them instead of there kids. Turn it into a corporation and outsource the profits.

This kind of thing makes my head hurt when these Commie bastards get praised over ruining what should be a unspoken understanding. A family farm is just that. Kids learn from a young age the skill of farming, trading, selling, investing, and so on. It is not something some BS elect needs to stick there nose in to look special.
i've said it before. You name it, and some cocksucker in washington will try and regulate it. welcome to the communist states of america folks, this is what the minority of american people voted for.
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