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The gov has been corrupt since it started, to become rich you have to charge the poor and sell to the rich, gov takes from everyone, not nessisarily an equal amount, but enough to piss you off, There are lazy people and there are hard workers, in my experience the lazy-most of the time find a way to prevail while we bust our asses, take for example, I worked for a fabrication/hydraulic/robotics company, I bust my ass everyday to keep the company afloat, and since I was the young gun and pulled the weight of 4 other men (who worked half as hard) and they had family's I was the one layed off when the job slowed down, the "project manager"- (who literally did nothing but manage his lawn care bussiness at work)would purposely overwhelm me with the other guys half finished work (documented it daily) just to make me look like the Bad guy to keep the older men around and to cover his own ass...this is no different than the gov, they don't do much to help(project manager), they push work to others(lazy other guys) and we the working man(me) get the shit end of the deal....this country is so fukceddd up is it even worth fighting for any more?
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