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Originally Posted by SteelTherapy View Post
You misunderstand me. I never said that it has worked. It would be quite an accomplishment to get it to work.

You would have to do something quite extreme like isolating an entire generation from outside influences and have them educated and mentored by a group of truly altruistic adults. Of course, this is really fantasy since isolation at that level is nearly impossible in our world of technology at this time.

So it would have to wait until a time where technology would allow for the colonization of other worlds. That might provide the necessary isolation for the social experiment to work.

Pretty much fantasy.

Just because something hasn't worked in the past doesn't mean that it can't work. You said that it was "impossible". I wanted you to explain why the concept is impossible.

I'm just in a philosophical mood today.
I donít think even this extreme level of indoctrination would be sufficient to make it work. Human nature would still rear itsí ugly head. And the problem isnít just with the people who donít want to work for the good of the group, but also with the leadership. Thereís a reason why most socialist countries have been dictatorships. When the group is small (think family) itís fairly easy to get a consensus on what is best for the group, but once the group gets large, itís much more difficult. And itís not just that people are selfish bastards, it could just be different opinions on what is best for everyone. So what end up happening is that a strong central leadership is needed to impose what it believe is best for everyone on everyone. It then starts to justify mistreatment of some as what is necessary for the good of the people. Corruption and atrocities follow.
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