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This bitch has been fighting us.

When I cleaned up the rear housing, the spindle on the driver's side was all fubar'd. We went through a few ideas of how to fix, but ended up deciding to just swap axles. We found a 14-bolt in the for sale section that already had a Detroit, Ruff Stuff disc brake brackets, and calipers and rotors for less than what we could put it together short of if we ran a welded diff. So now we are running a 14-bolt plow out back!

JeepM715 bent up the bridge and weldered it on. It's just touching the top of the housing in front of the big lip. It's 1/2 plate, so hopefully it's going no where. We do plan to put on a pinion guard and tie it to the bridge. Kicking around the idea of trussing the whole thing for extra strength, too. Plan to trim the bottom lip. No crazy shave job.

Next up was boxing in the rusted out area where the stock rear uppers tied to the frame. I cut the plates out of 10ga while JeepM715 prepped the frame and then he weldered those on, too. It's plated on the bottom and both sides. Pass side just needs final prep, some rust cut out, and then the plates can be put on.

And then I can finally get started on frame side link mounts and get this part of the job done.

And a few weeks ago, the rear frame fell off. Damnedest thing. This happened to my last TJ frame, but this one didn't seem to lose as much.

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