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Default Ameritopia.

Just finished reading a great book written by Mark Levin called "Ameritopia". It talks about different "great thinkers" throughout history, such as Plato, Thomas More, Thomas Hobbes, and Karl Marx, and to an extent Franklin Roosevelt, who have written about and envisioned Utopian societies where everything they needed was provided to them by their rulers. In exchange, everyone was equal and regulated by the rulers in terms of what they possessed and had to give up pretty much all of their freedoms and liberties for the society to function as designed. It explains how people slowly and unknowingly give up their rights and liberties in exchange for the rulers providing for all their needs, until they finally are under the complete control of the rulers in every aspect of their lives. It shows amazing similarities between the Utopian societies the "great thinkers" envisioned and what has been going on with our government since Roosevelt started Social Security (which Americans did not want any more than they wanted Obamacare) and continues to this day, and gives a scary look at what this country might become if the nanny-state mentality is allowed to continue growing. I highly recommend reading it.
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