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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
I love looking at my mounted 10 pointer that I killed as a hunter.

I guess being a soilder and doing your job you must not keep a lasting memory of a job well done because somehow it hurts some libberal hippies freedom who wouln't have the freedom if it wasn't given to him by the same kind of people he has a problem with.
How many of the solders that come back from ANY war want to remember what they did? I'm goign to go out on a limb and assume not that many. I know plenty of vets that still are huanted by what they did. I don't think having a Video or picture to commemorate what they did would help them. That's just my, some what uneducated, assumption though.

When God helped the Jews dominate over their enemies I wonder if he would have allowed polaroids?
He actually Killed Saul because he created an alter of things from the enemies he destroyed. There were many examples of God specifically telling his people not to take ANYTHING from the cities they destroyed.

<Sound of a Can of worms opening>

As for the OP, I'm not going to get into it. I've never been there, I respect the troops, as a hole, but would find it a little harder to do so with the specific individuals that would do that. But, I've never been there so I'm guessing my opinion won't be counted as much.
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