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equality is a strange word.. it's perception is of the person assessing the situation most times.. i find it very wierd that a race that recieves the amount of government aid and special treatment that the black do could ever claim they are being treated unfairly.. if i remember the history lesson correctly didn't MLK want EQUALITY.. lets see what unfair treatment white people endure. i'm 29 years old. why am i being punished for what happened most recently in 1865? why do i have to watch my mouth around someone who really deserves no respect? i respect any man that works to support himself and his family, does right onto others that do right onto him, and abides by most basic laws. these are things that the majority of white men do, but we are expected to respect someone who doesn't work, doesn;t support himself or his family, and if he does alot of the time it's becuase of illegal activity. activities that often hurt other people. i don't recieve government aid... i don't have W.E.T. theres no NAAWP... theres no "miss white america" yet if i had a bumper sticker that said proud to be white... i'd get flipped off by blacks and fellow caucasions... where is the sense in any of that? EQUALITY.. if you ask the perception of this white man. i'll tell you that white people are the ones who are treated unfairly. i'm being shit on for something my grandfathers grandfathers father did? and what did he do exactly? buy something that was for sale? what 99% of blacks don't realise is that the slaves that came here were already slaves in africa for whatever reason they were cast into that life. i'm not condoning slavery by any means.. but the chinese were slaves here, the american indian may as well have been a slave, the irish weren't treated very well for quite some time, the japanese were gathered up corraled into a fence and lived in a makeshift prison for the duration of WWII, the jewish people have been mistreated for a few thousand years. but who do we cater too? which brings me to another point. why are white people so scared of being tagged "a racist" i know people that go out of thier way to show they aren't "racist". WHY?
i've spent my fair share of time in gary, in... thats 35 mins from my house.
strange how things work... gary averages over a homicide a week.. yet my town and any town withing a 10 mile radius may have a homicide every... ohhhh....... well a couple years ago a dude shot his wife when he caught her with another dude... so 1 in a VERY long time.. news around here is a cow got outta the fence. gary is prodominatly black. kouts is prodominatly white. is there white trash in this little town? YOU BET! and i'm sure there are good people in gary somewhere..
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