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This way seems easy enough and makes sense concerning the part about damaging the rope. Any thoughts?
Attaching your new synthetic line

With Synthetic lines I do not like the side drum attachment. If you are in a side pull you could pull your line across this point and damage your line. From me you will get a taped drum end and 5" in from the end will also be taped using red electrical tape. Lay the end across your drum with the second tape mark meeting the side of the drum, and tape both points in place. The tape is just to hold it in place so you can start spooling. Then start spooling your line on over what you laid across the drum. I Highly recommend this be done under tension. Best accomplished using a helper sitting in the drivers seat with steady pressure on the brake pedal. If you do not have a helper, set the E brake with a little tension. The 5" between the two taped marks represents the minimum number of wraps you should keep on the drum at all times. When you are pulling line off, no need to count wraps, just look for the red tape on the end. When you see this, stop, you are at the minimum number of wraps needed on the drum.

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