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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
I admit to having racist thoughts but I believe it's because certain people perpetuate the stereotypes. I pose this question: Name one area that is predominantly black that is prospering. I'm not talking a nice black neighborhood but a community and businesses that are doing ok financially and the area does not look run down. I want to believe the black community can take pride in it's surroundings but so far I have not seen any proof. Also, please don't feed me that line of shit that says the black community is forced to live the way they do because of Whity, don't believe it. How much more free money can we pour into a community without getting any results?
I agree BUT I think that they do take pride in there community. Like detroit. They love it. The hood,the life,everything.
I work down in the city a lot. And I don't mean the (OK) parts of town.
But it seems what I've seen is they love there "thug life".
I hear them on the news all the time saying they can't get out of the ghetto and ramble on about all there bs..
It's not hard to get in a car drive to another city and start over with a "real" life with next to no money.... Yes it would suck. But I guess they don't "want out" that bad..
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Know that pocket that forms behind your knee when you sit down?

I'ma fuck it. You're gonna like it too.
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