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things are better but not equal.
no one is immune to prejudice. i almost believe the desire to feel superior is a form of human nature.

firms do not "hire the best candidate." in the auto industry we hire to "meet our numbers". we have to hire the appropriate employee racial / ethnic mix or face audits and fines by the EEOC. we have to go out and curry favor with universities and colleges that concentrate on "minority" students in order to prove we are attempting to avoid discrimination in hiring. so much of it is defensive activity.

as long as there are j.jacksons and a.sharptons running around in the media there will be a focus on and perpetuation of discrimination. think of it all as a business. if j.jackson's operation-push went out of business because there was no discrimination and no stories in the press, what would j.jackson and his staff do for a living? get a job? yea, right.

think of organizations like operation-push or the naacp as corporate hierarchies and their minority members as employees. it is the nature of organizations to grow not wither or willingly put themselves out of business. it's an industry, just like united way, march-of-dimes, etc. think of all the people who would be out of jobs if and when a cure for cancer/diabetes/discrimination is found.

and while i'm at it, i am tired of someone trying to make me feel guilty and paying welfare to people who feel it's there "job" to be poor. did i force their kids to drop out of school before graduation? did i beat down on them if they got good grades? did i make them think they could make their millions in sports, on the street, as a rapper or as a dj? am i responsible for cramming the thug culture down their throats and setting them apart from the mainstream? did i force that teenage girl to get pregnant, drop out of school and then have several more fatherless children that are supported by me because the baby-mama has to take care of the kids and cannot work. i think not.

history lessons in school taught me about the melting-pot concept in the early 1900's. for the life of me i cannot see how all those non-english speaking immigrants made it in america without a national organization for the advancement of polish/german/irish/slavic/asian/dutch/etc people!

if you look at today's asian and arabic groups in u.s., they seem to be doing ok without a lot of public whining. they depend on and support each other. there's a living lesson here that no one important wants to learn from.
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