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Default What's Pissing Me Off Today

LA Times publishes two year-old photos of Airborne troops in Afghanistan posing with remains of Al-Quaeda members killed while setting IEDs or making suicide bomber attacks (both were cited - unclear). Leon Panetta immediately apologizes and sets off to prosecute those involved.

Why It Irritates Me:
1) BFD - a bunch of enlisted guys (and Afghani troops) take tasteless pictures with remains of enemy who died while trying to kill them. It's a war and these young guys are under a lot of pressure. Gallows humor (like this) is not an uncommon coping mechanism - and is by no means new. The punishment needs to consist of the CO of the Airborne unit getting bitched at and that's it.

2) Let's see a bunch of enlisted folk took stupid - but harmless, if embarrassing - pictures at Abu-Gharib prison and Dubya was personally responsible, since he was the CinC. The whole Abu-Gharib fiasco was directly the responsibility of the White House, since the President (at least at that time) personally commanded and supervised every E-grade in the Army. Obie, however, is never even mentioned. Wildly inconsistent.

3) A U.S. newspaper makes a decision to publish material damaging to the U.S. and that puts our Armed Forces - who are AT WAR - at increased risk. that's not journalism, it's treason. The story could've run without pictures and been just as informative, just without the ready-made Al-Qaeda propaganda.
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