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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
I believe twisting the words to make them sound like your getting something would be Obama's Buffet Rule.
By Buffet saying his secretary pays more in taxes is a lie. Or his secretary makes more than him.
From the way I understand it is inverstment taxes is now 15% and Obama wants to raise those taxes to 30%.
Will that be enough to make a dent in our debt? Not.
We owe trillions and with tax increases on the wealthy would only bring in 40 some billion.
No, what he said was that his secretary was paying a high tax rate, which is entirely possible because most of his income comes from investments, which is taxed at a lower rate while his secretary has to actually work for her money, which is taxed at a higher rate.

No single stroke of a pen will eliminate the trillions of dollars of debt. So by your logic we should do nothing? Every “little bit that won’t matter” has turned into a big stinking mess.
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