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Default wandering + strange tire wear ?

97 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Pickup.
34x11.5x17 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted Bias Ply on 17" sport rims.

I have the lifetime Alignment plan at Firestone and I took it in 2x to them to 2 different Firestone facilities and I will have to dig up the printout again, but it looked okay.

Yet, I'm still having issues.

I'm getting some really odd abnormal wear with that that looks almost like under-inflation (but they arent under-inflated). The tire is wearing in the green areas with the most significant wear being in the middle of the green area - right where it points down in the tread pattern.

I expect some pulling from Bias ply tires, but this wandering is a bit extreme. To the point where I don't even want to take a hand off the wheel to change the radio station on certain roads. On the express way it drives straight and fine, but on some surface streets... its questionable.

The truck is off road as much as it's on-road, so unless the tires are 100% of the problem, I'd like to leave them on.

New I have:
driver/pass hubs, 4 ball joints, tie rod, center link, drag bar link, adjustable track bar, etc.
4 wheel alignment, etc.

I noticed that the bushings from the sway bar links look to be shot, so I ordered a new set. They will be going on this week.

There looks to be a 3-4" lift that the Previous Owner put on. I see coil spacers up front.

I'm scratching my head on this one. When I bought it, the Previous Owner smoked the set of tires that were on it with a bad ball joint, which is why I ended up replacing so much of the front steering / suspension.

Maybe I overlooked something stupid, so I'm open to ideas / suggestions.
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