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Just fix it right or leave it rusty. A half az repair makes you and the truck look like crap.

I have used the 2 part "glue" before when repairing/replacing sub compact floor panels. It does work and provides a very stable and bond. But, what your talking about is placing a panel over top your existing rocker. People will notice that cob job from 30 feet away. I know cause I have done it. I drove around for 2 weeks with it before finally ripping it off causing more damage. I simply ordered rocker replacements after that and fixed it right.

You can use a "hobby welder" to weld rockers on.

It is not complicated to repair rockers. If your squeamish practice on a junk fender or 3/4 panel. That's what I did when I was 8. I must have went through 8 junk fenders before I laid down a weld I was happy with.

You can order the replacement rockers, Make a temporary bolt in brace so your cab does not tweak, cut out the area, and drive it to a welder. 30 minutes or less later your new rocker will be welded on. Take it back to your house, sand, prime, color match, and paint or undercoat both sides.

There has to be a welder somewhere around you.
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