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Originally Posted by SweetLeah View Post
If the "facts" are infact facts on this one...I'm not sure how it could be labled as anything other than a hate crime.

1. Black guy kills white guys father in unknown circumstances.
2. White guy posts on FB that he hates black people
3. White guy is accused of murdering/injuring several unrelated people in a killing spree---only targeting blacks.

I guess for me to call something a hate crime, race/sexual orientation/status/whatever has to be the ONLY motivation for the crime.

It appears that is the case here.

With the elderly folks, the "facts" dont lend themselves to a hate crime.

Also, hate crimes only become hate crimes if they have been commented on by the great reverand or Sharpton.

Or am I missing something here, because generally you and I see eye to eye on most things. You are just more vocal and more of a dick about things. Which is fine by me---your return to GL4x4 has secured my position outside of the top 10 GL4x4 assholes. XoXo.
I guess my comment of "Wow..." wasn't so much about like, "wow, this really wasn't a hate crime, but the black dude on the council seems to think it was", because I'm thinking along the same lines that this was probably racially motivated. I was more wowing the fact that the media made sure to get that little snippet from the councilman in there for the extra effect.
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