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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
This is what bewilders me: "Racial Divide" should only have a negative effect on the current president getting reelected.

That is, unless they're counting on the "Guilty White Conscience" vote. "I'm clearly not racist - I'm white AND voted for Obama!" Nevermind, I just had an epiphany. :facepalm:
I think Obama is counting on racial divide to help him get re-elected with the help of the media. We have all seen the media put an emphisis on "white on black" crime, thus we see racial divide. Al Sarpton and Jesse (Jackass)Jackson get on the bandwagon and get the liberals and the black man riled up. I beleive we will see more "black on white" crime but the media will not be putting it up on the front page of any newspaper or headlines on TV in the country.
As for your voting record we all at times have our vision clouded by outside sources and can get past things like that
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