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Originally Posted by BennettisTileCo View Post
On my thread you told me that my d44 will only be good for going to get ice cream in my I6 Xj yet you have a v8xj with d44 in it and tell other people that it's a lot better than people on the interweb claim..
So than what is it?

BTW that cage belongs at sema. I'd be afraid to scratch that thing.
You need to re-read my friend, I'll save you a trip back...

Originally Posted by John D View Post
You are going to run 39" tires on a D44. Unless you plan to only take it for ice cream runs, you will likely run into problems.

Weakness of a D44 (especially when you go 38" or bigger):
U-joint strength - you are taking care of this with the RCVs.
Ring gear deflection - you are taking care of this with the ARB (or other full case locker).
Ball joints - this is best taken care of with the Synergy BJs.

Even with all that you still can't drive like a jackass or life for the 44 will be short. I'm not bagging on your build, just making a suggestion
It was in reference to your choice of ball joints we were talking about a few posts before. I pointed out that you have taking care of all of the inherent weak links EXCEPT the ball joints and I was suggesting that this could be a problem with that size of tires you have.

I am a proponent of the D44, mine works well for me and I plan to keep it. I know it's not for everyone, there are people that will break axles no matter how big it is. I drove a D30 on stock shafts and 10 year old $15 Advance u-joints and a V8 and 35" tires without breaking. For me it seems a D60 is unessecary, however 39" tires and regular ball joints seem like an issue waiting to happen unless you only plan to take it for ice cream. The point I was making was that when/if the ball joint goes it will most likely destroy the RCV joint and they ain't going to warranty that. Hope that clears it up.
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