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I'm not neccesarily meaning you. I've seen this about 23 times. This is how it usually goes.

Buyer- Wow I really want to be cool and have my ride linked.

Someone- Well coilovers offer the most ways to tune and are pretty easy to tune by someone who hasn't done it before.

Buyer- Thats what I'm getting then! Oh wait, they're like $2000! F'that, I can get air shock way cheaper!

Someone- Well you can but they are a lot harder to tune and depending on the vehicle you'll probably need 2.5" ones. Those will run about $1600 and you'll still need the special tools to tune them properly.

Buyer- No way man, I read on Pirate that I may be able to get 2" ers to work. And they are only $1200.

Someone- Whatever. If you get them to work you'll be the first in history to get them to work well on a heavy, non-buggy vehicle.

Buyer- But I can save like another $400!

Someone- Ok. Good luck.

2 months later

Buyer- My junk doesn't work and these shocks are shit. Of course I just bolted them on and assumed they would be kick ass right out of the box but whatever. Help me.

Someone- At least you saved $400-$800. So what if you spent 60% of the money to have 4 long paper weights.
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