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I'm gonna weigh in based on what I've seen so far (factually).

Zimmerman [Z] (patrolling the gated community in his vehicle) observed Martin [M] (not a resident of the complex or area) walking through the complex in a suspicious manner (i.e. "too slowly" in the rain). M was returning from a local 7-11 with candy and an iced tea and talking on a cell phone - likely why he was walking slowly.

Z contacted police, reported a suspicious individual, and asked for assistance. He told police that he was going to follow the suspicious individual, and they responded "that's not necessary".

Z and M then had an encounter (details unknown), which resulted in M striking Z in the face, knocking him to the ground. Once on the ground, M continued the attack until Z produced a lawfully-carried concealed pistol, shooting and killing M. Police reports and witness accounts corroborate that much of the story.

After an initial investigation, Z was released by police with no charges filed as it appeared to be a case of self-defense.

All in all, it looks like a "wrong place at the wrong time" tragedy.

Data surfaced indicates that Z appears to be a classic "wannabe" cop. He also had run-ins with the law for being aggressive (pushed a cop in 2005 and domestic violence in 2006) although it looks like he was plead out to a lower charge in both cases.

Likewise, data has surfaced that M was currently suspended from school (near Miami, where he actually lived) for drug possession. It was his third suspension in 2.5 years of high school, where he had a spotty attendance and performance record. He was also caught in possession of what was suspected to be stolen property in October (women's jewelry including wedding bands, but no action was taken because it couldn't be ascertained if the material were stolen).

The real "news" of this tragedy is the behavior of the press, who are trying to "do a Palin" again by intentionally distorting the facts presented to drive a

Photos shown of M are nearly always a 5 year-old picture of a 12 year-old M:

Instead of 6' 3" 17 year-old M:

The same manipulation is taking palce with Z, where the most common image is a 2005 booking shot (complete with prison orange to set the tone) on the left instead of a current photo (right):

911 call recordings were "analyzed" and racial slurs were discovered. Later analysis clearly shows these slurs don't exist (too late - they're already marching so facts no longer apply). NBC took it further and played an edited version of the 911 call to make it sound even worse. Oh, and they got caught.

NBC has already "apologized" and fired people over their presentation of an edited and manipulated 911 recording designed to incite even more racial animosity and make Z look worse. Our mainstream media - if we can't find facts, we'll make 'em up! (In addition to this, reference NBC GM pickup gas tank explosions "helped for the camera" by incendiary charges and CBS/Dan Rather's crew forging documents about Dubya's ANG service).

Obama stepped in with his "if I had a son he's look like Trayvon" to further stoke the fires of racial animosity. Well, let's say that Obie reversed a trend where the African-American vote was slipping away (not that they'd vote for a , they just wouldn't vote - it's the turnout that helped Obie last time). That base is re-energized and ready to vote for him in the fall.

The usual cast of morons have stepped in (Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, Roseanne, Al Sharpton, Congressional Black Caucus, etc...) and stoked the fires of racial discord even hotter.

If the special investigator in FL doesn't find (or manufacture) some reason to charge and jail Z, they're gonna tear Sanford FL (along with a list of others I'm sure) to pieces. OJ was exonerated to avoid riots in LA, and Z will be crucified to prevent them in FL.

Bottom line is this: Whoever issued Z a concealed carry permit and allowed him on neighborhood watch duty should have their ass kicked. A felony assault on a cop and domestic violence within the last seven years? Really?

And M picked the wrong guy to thug it up with - he brought a fist to a gun fight. Poor choices have serious consequences, even at 17.

The media needs to stop fanning the flames. Naked opportunists like Obie, Jesse, Al, etc... need to STFU - or the media and populace need to recognize it for what it is.

And the African-American community at large needs to choose their battles more carefully. M is far from a clean-cut role model. And let's be clear: Z is not white. While he has a white name, he's Hispanic, so all of the Jim Crow and lynching metaphors don't apply.
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