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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
why not run a 5 speed overdrive and one single aux box. i have plans to build a splitter for behind my Nv4500. if i ran a .72 overdrive behind my .73 in the main trans that would leave me with a .52 overdrive.
Thats a good setup. You should be able to run taller gears in the rear for more pulling power.

I am trying to create a "period correct" drive train. I like the engine and trans in this. Currently I am having the transfer case rebuilt. The engine and transmission have already been rebuilt. I have one brownie that should be arriving in a few days that has been fully rebuilt. I have sources on a second I am waiting back on a rebuilt quote while keeping a eye out.

The current engine and 420 transmission can be rebuilt for less then 2k in parts and and a week of my time once they get some miles on them.
I would have that much in a adapter and worn 4500 easily. It would be cheaper to buy a engine mated to a 4500 and so on and such. You can see how that is a slippery slope.
This is a very simplistic old school drive train and I want to keep it that way. I am making a few upgrades for safety but I am not trying to mess with the cheap and reliable drive train I have. I just want to go a bit faster in it without causing excessive wear.

Someone must have done or seen someone mount dual divorced cases in a old school rig wanting to eliminate the 4 or so inches a center yoke would add. It does not make sense now because of all the adapters and kits out. But back in like the early 90's or so it would seem like more people would have seen what I am talking about.
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