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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
BTW I thought I was supported to be the bleeding heart liberal fighting for the rights of the downtrodden minority against the evil white mainstream establishment and you were supposed to be the conservative right to carry a gun and use it if needed and lets keep out neighborhood safe from the riffraff that doesn't belong.
Weird isn't it...

I just wish that the fanatic members of the black community that wan't this guy hung without a trail would chill out and let the process work itself out a little bit. Like Kerry and I were discussing with all of the media attention the prosecutors are probably laying way back on this thing quadruple checking everything before they make any moves so they don't blow it in front of the national audience.

One thing I just don't understand is why everything has to be racist. But there are racist people of all races. And yes, some of these fanatical, racist people do horrible things to the other side. Nothing will ever change that. Despite that I believe the system is generally blind to race and it pretty much fucks everyone indiscriminately.
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