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Default Won't idle

The truck will not idle and is low on power. When it tries to idle it smells very rich. If driving at light throttle it coughs and stumbles. I have tried everything I know to fix it. Replaced the distributor, map, o2, tps,plugs, rotor, cap. wires. I took it to a shop that said he could fix. $300.00 later he also changed all the above items and it ran worse than when I took it in. I believe he has the timing off on it (advanced). The truck is very very sensitive to its timing, too low by a couple degrees and it will not run hardly at all, too high and it does the same and is hard to crank. I am not saying 10-15 degree swings, I am talking 2-4 degrees either way. The shop I took it to said the map sensor is losing voltage/vacuum at idle and losing control of the fuel. I did a compression check and 7 cylinders were at 120 and 1 was 150. I know the motor is not perfect but it should run. I would just like to get it through the winter until I can rebuild my 454 and put it in it come spring.
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