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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Maybe he saw you leave something on the counter at the store and wants to give it back, or maybe hes a security guard or undercover cop making sure youre not up to no good, or maybe, just maybe, hes not actually following you at all, but just someone who has the misfortune of needing to traverse the same path as you a moment later. None if these justifies you turning around and beating him up because of your paranoia.
Z from his own admission in the audio tapes is clearly chasing after him because he looks suspicious. Someone chasing me isn't me being paranoid. If I am doing nothing wrong and someone is chasing me, I am going to assume that they are going to do something bad to me.
Here's the call if you want to listen to it.
What I see here is that M realizes he is being followed, has a weird look (maybe he's freaked out??? who knows?? maybe he was gonna do something bad.. well he's dead so we can't ask him), he tries to run away and Z continues to pursue him.
If Z had stopped pursuing M why did he say he would tell police where he was when they called? The incident took place in the middle of an apartment complex housing section and not out by the road where he made the 911 call.
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