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Kerry and I made this our discussion for pretty much the duration of our drive from Bay City back down here Saturday...

She apparently has read and researched into this far more than I have, and a lot of the people I've saw posting in here.

I do have to say one thing about the "investigation". From what I know this was a pretty po-dunk kinda down. I grew up in a po-dunk town. I know what the local law enforcement is and isn't capable of. I'd have to say that any balls that were dropped were more than likely from lack of ability, experience, and resources than trying to sweep a racially motivated execution under the carpet. I could well be wrong though...

One of my biggest angers about this whole deal comes from seeing a clip of Oprah playing on the gas station TV Friday. She was proclaiming how the justice system is broken and it has failed and blah blah blah. What exactly was the justice system supposed to do? Immediately go out and lynch Z without a fair trial and due process? Was the system supposed to just take the emotional ball and run with it? Wouldn't everything that hasn't been done like that that leads these people to believe the system is a failure be the same things they complain about when system seems to immediately cast judgement on black criminals?

I don't know if Z was right or wrong. It could well be like the whole OJ thing and he deserves to fry, but may get off. Either way he deserves his fair day in court regardless of how guilty he may seem.
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