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Originally Posted by distant75 View Post
Hey Joe,
I did the same thing to my trailer many years ago, I have a tandem axle 21ft V-nose aluminum construction. With aluminum trailers it will shrink in the cold weather. Its amazing how much it will shrink. I trimmed my inside with luan and cut luan strips for the trimming. In between the wall studs there would be about a 3/16 gap from the wall during the winter and in the summer it was flush against the wood. Just some thoughts. Great job on what you have done so far.

Also run the sled in from the front when loading a ton more room. I can get 3 long tracks in mine that way.
distant75 is very correct! i wish i would have known this b4 i started this interior. our fit was way too tight.
took most of a day to fix our screw up. thx so much for the advice! it was very helpful!

today i pulled down all the walls, and trimmed a 1/4 to 1/2 inch off everything. my walls were starting to crack around some of the bolt holes. one screw actually pulled out of the wall. we tried to fit it kinda tight for less trim work and a more professional look. BAD IDEA!

after we trimmed and fit all the frp walls, we left the screws that hold the walls up slightly loose. kinda like floating vinyl siding.

interior insulation and wiring is totally finished now.
i got a nice stereo system for it yesterday, this should really rock!
today i got all the wood for the ceiling, its looks real nice!
the ceiling is all cut to the final size. it was too cold to put the polyurethane on the ceiling, trim, and floor.
it will be put off till the weather is warmer, hopefully next weekend.

i have all the interior lights ready to go up once the ceiling is in place. all the lights i got are 2 lamp lights, with dual power switches.
i will have one lamp running an led bulb. the other bulb will be an incandescent bulb. i will run the led bulb when i want to save power.
i will run the incandescent when i want more natural light. i can run both when i need extra light.

all the interior wood except the floor and lower side walls will be birch.
i got a 5ft long 30 inch wide 1.5 inch thick counter top made of birch.
its getting cut into 2 flip up/down counter tops. they will end up being 14" wide, and 4ft long when im done.
my friend dale planed the wood down to 1.25" thick. so it has a fresh face top and bottom, and looks really nice.

this work could not be possible without his help! he is a wizard with wood.
he is also custom making all my trim wood at work. i got a great deal on all the frp from him.
the birch counter top he got me for free. all his labor is free other than the cost of beer and sailor jerry.

the only insulation work left to do is the floor, and it gets done from the underside.
the floor wood is exposed between the frame ralis.
it will be sealed with polyurethane then caulked to seal out moisture as much as possible.
after thats done i will put up 2" foam insulation.

it is a ton of work, but i think it will be nice when its done.
so far i got near $500 into doing everything so far.
still waiting on a final quote for the custom birch trim.
a birch cabinet will be added above the front bar/counter.

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