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It is a rear engine car. I have owned a 85(2.5) and 90(3.8 superchargerd) you do not need a BB to go fast with a fiero.

If they wanted light and compact they should have used a MG or RX-7 people been dropping v8's in those for years with great results.

The fiero body is nothing more then a shell at this point. Sorry but I will take a supercharged 3.8 Fiero over that contraption any day.
I respect the owner for being different and building it. In a straight line it would be cool. But, in the twists and turns where this car shines that BB is going to drive this car into the ditch unless there was some serious steering and front end upgrades done. Like I said the fireo body is just a shell at this point.

There are a lot better ways to get v8 in a rear engine car.

Just my 0.02.
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