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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
so, here I am driving down i-96 in rush hour traffic........

Is this guy sinning? He didn't seem like a very friendly religious chap.

what would jesus do?
We all sin. If he wasn't sinning by his actions I'm sure he was in some other form. He's a Human. We're all Sinners. This guy could have a problem with road rage. I know I struggle with it sometimes.

Jesus would probably not have owned an Escalade being that he told his disciples to sell all thier possessions. That's not a command you can give someone and not follow your self.

Seriously though, he probably would have been patient with you and showed you love by allowing you to get in.

Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
don't be a dumb @$$...........................Your personality to this point has been shown based on logic. Why do you have to say this crap?
Show me one verse in the Christian Bible that says any man other than Jesus, is without sin?

Typical hate on Christians, you don't know if the guy bought that car the day before or not. You don't know if he's even a Christian or not...........Could be the wifes car. Yep, non-Christians marry Christians.

I'm so sick of this.

Chad, you're stirring up crap again. You owe me a now.
I think he was Joking. We're all Hypocritical Christians. We strive to be like Christ, who was perfect, but fail every day. He's actually right on the money, IMO. Most Christians don't act 'Christian' they act human.

Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I'm pretty sure even Jesus would be annoyed by the massive amount of fucktards that have sprung up in the past 2000 years. I'm pretty sure Jesus would give a call to his dad and start the end of days if he witnessed some of this shit first hand.
Technically (And Biblically) if Jesus were here it would be the end of days. Granted, when he does come back his last worry will be about that guy that cut him of in traffic.
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