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I think rather then invest big money and time swapping one working suspension for another, maybe you should check out what some of the pros are using. For example, desert, dune and rally guys are mostly running IFS. There are also a number of rock crawlers using TTB front suspension. Some guys are even installing TTB in the rear, some with full front and rear steering, others just want an independent rear end. I've used this example in the past but, have you ever gone down a road strewn with washboard and pot holes and had your rear end try to pass your front end. The main reason for this is your rear end in a solid or live axle, so when the right side encounters a rut or bump the left side reacts to it Because they are one piece, both sides wash out. Where as the front TTB or any other IFS does not translate that energy to the opposite side but rather isolates the bump, absorbing the hit independently. Case in point, the new Mustang. People have been begging Ford to equip the new stangs with independent rear suspension because when the live axle encounter rough or uneven surfaces, the entire rear end is thrown about making the car unstable. The same with an SAS front end. These are simple facts. Do your home work and you will find that a IFS and in particular the TTB can be made to be a better choice then a live (SAS) axle in most situations. Nothing is perfect, but why not go with what works best in most cases. SAS may look cool and tough, but they have their limitations. Bottom line, is installing a SAS worth the time effort and money? That's your decision to make.
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