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Ok, so these are my thoughts as of right now; and just fyi they have been my thoughts since i first heard of this

WHO THE fukc CARES!!!!

With that said; No, it's not ok that someone was killed. It's never ok when some dies as a result of a crime like that; but Why is all holy hell is this such big freaking news; zimmerman isn't even white, he's like Hispanic at least; there, punch one. Two, facts my f**king ass, this wasn't just some random guy walking up to someone and shooting them without a cause; obviously something went down that was not of the legal nature, someone got pissed and someone decided to fix it their way. I don't care what actually happened, not even mentioning that "oh, look at that, it seems more and more like that black kid wasn't just your average Joe" well i will be dammed, there's a freaking surprise.

Stupid mother f**king bullsh*t news about "oh, my perfect little angle was murdered in cold blood by a psychopath, oh wait, my welfare check just got little angle, he was killed because he was black, that's the only reason....that crack/meth/coke/Vietnamese twin headed barking psychedelic bullfrog wasn't his at all ...

This is not news worthy, if it is then where are all the thousands of other people that have had loved ones and friends shot just because they were gay, or wore red on the blue side of the street, or all the rape victims...etc?
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