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Originally Posted by mideerslayer View Post
Where do we buy the shirt that shows trayvon as a punk ass gang sign throwing hoodlum?

The problem with that theory is if a non black guy sees the shirt pictured above he would probably just shake his head and walk away.

If a non white guy saw someone wearing the shirt you are suggesting it would probably lead to a lot of screaming and some sort of altercation like you see on Hardcore Pawn.

That's not racist...sad as it may be, that's just what I think would happen.

I don't know why I remember this, but this just came to mind when I posted that. When I was younger I was at the mall and in one of the clothing stores. It was cramped and I really wasn't paying attention and I stepped backwards onto a shoe that some girl black girl had taken off to try on another pair. I immediately said excuse me and apologized. No sooner did I get a word out of my mouth and the verbal tirade began. You would have swore I stepped on her baby... I just shrugged and walked away mid bitch out.

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