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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
your opinion on the law doesn't matter...I have several opinions about laws, but they are just that..opinions and at the end of the day laws are there and how I feel about them doesn't change them.

How exactly did the local PD fukc up? They have done nothing wrong.

Regardless of how they got into the situation you cannot place blame on the victim of this case...and the victim has yet to be determined. You are making assumptions based on information you have gathered from the media, the same media who does not care about reporting facts, they like ratings. Why do you think when they show a picture of the dead boy it is picture from when he was 14 and when they show a picture of the shooter they show him in what appears to be a mug shot. All a cleaver and gentle way to persuade public opinion, which in your case its seems you have made up your mind. congrats this ones for you
I heard claims that the local PD made some mistakes in the collecting of evidence and other aspects of the investigation, but then again that came from the media also so how knows what the truth is, and anyways that was all after the fact. There's not much the local PD could have done differently to prevent this.

Mostly I agree with you one this one.
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