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Originally Posted by toolmantim View Post
I am all for CCL but I wish there was a way to dis-qualify stupid fucks from getting them.

I work with a guy who is a big fawking pussy, has the maturity level of a 12 year old and has a CCL just to be cool. He is EXACTLY the type to escalate a situation just so he has a reason to pull his gun out....

funny thing is that he shakes while firing a gun ( or doing anything scary) and anyone with a set of balls could easily smack him in the mouth (or hand) and take his gun and then commence to pistol whipping him.

It's guys like this that give the rest of us headaches with the anti gun crowd.

Seems like that for every 100 responsible, mature and level headed gun owners there are about 5 that should be allowed to carry flint locks only.

end rant..

My opinion:
The moment that Zimmerman followed Trayvon he gave up his right to "stand your ground."

The local PD fawked up a bunch.

Zimmerman is very much like my co-worker. A stupid fawk that looks for any chance to be a hero with a cape and gun....with the hope that doing so will fix his personal mental mommy issues.

Trayvon may have been a punk, a hoodlum or whatever, may have even beat Zimmerman ass and reached for his gun during fight....but him being dead is all Zimmerman.
What's a CCL?
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