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So when I'm working and we have a potential thief walking around the store, I should just let him do what he's going to do? I've profiled potential thieves, and about 7 out of 9 times I've made aware to my co-workers that I think there is a shoplifter in my department, I was right. And no, only 4 were black, they just dressed the part. Shaggy clothes, a HOOD up pants hanging off their ass, crooked flat billed hats, neck tattoo's and gold teeth. Not to mention, make the whole section smell like pot. I'd say Zimmerman had every right to be suspicious.

This kid had no reason to start a fight because a neighborhood watchman was following him. If he wasn't a piece of trash, he would have just asked him to quit following him, "I'm just visiting my family down the road." Might have settled some nerves. Not punch him, knock him to the ground and bang his head on the cement or whatever happened.

All I have to say, I feel sorry for Zimmerman. He'll be made into a martyr for racism and he's not even white.
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