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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post

If we held their manufacturing to the same safety standards, EPA standards, etc that we hold our domestic manufacturers too it would level the playing field and stimulate out economy.....but the greenies don't care when it's not in their backyard, they just want cheap products.
Those greenies are horribly short sighted and probably haven't traveled. The worst pollution I have seen anywhere in the states can't hold a candle to China. People see the news clips of China with the little dust masks people wear and probably think it's because of the bird flu. The air quality is horrible and the rivers are polluted. There is nothing being done to curb the pollution. The air and the water all mingle so eventually the pollution will find it's way to our side of the globe. We shouldn't take the money we borrowed to give them a grant to fix their issue. If we can hold our own industry to environmental standards the government environmental agencies should start to hold imported products to those same standards. I agree also it would help the economy. I am all for free trade but it should be free and fair trade.
I am also all frothed up because they don't hold the production processes to the same standards as the US. How many times to do we have to hear about our pets dying and our kids getting lead poisoning before people wake up. The pet food kidney failure with products made in china is starting to be an issue again. I think it's scary that we feed our animals, children and selves crap that is made in China.
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