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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Maybe not illegal but a good prosecuter could probably have a field day with this. Confronting someone in an agressive manner while carrying a weapon is a lot different than confronting someone without carrying a weapon. He knows he has an edge and can be painted as a cowboy.

For me, as a CPL holder, while not knowing all the facts, I find it interesting that I tend to side with the kid. By the published recordings, Z saw the kid before the kid saw him. Z followed him. This leads me to believe Z had a swaggar to him that helped to escalate the situation. Again, he has no duty to retreat but it certainly sounds like he could have avoided the confrontation. During my CPL class it was stressed that as a person carrying a weapon, we should be more aware of our surroundings and make an effort to avoid situations that can turn bad. Doesn't sound like Z heeded this advice.
Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
From a technical standpoint I agree with your post.

Now, let's say Z did initiate contact, asked T-Dawg what he was doing in the wrong hood, T-Dawg got all yo dawg I'm mindin my own business walkin all thug like with my hoodie up in yo hood and what the fukc you gonna do about it,

T-dawg relax, I'm just out on neighborhood watch and didn't recognize you....

No you relax you racist mutha fucka, I'ma beat yo ass

T-dawg now beats the shit out of Z, Z shoots him as he was fearing his life.

You see, that's the exact same story you posted, but from a different perspective.

I mean, punk ass 17 year old kids of any race are never argumentative, bigger than the world or confrontational when someone questions them, right?

I have no idea what happened, all I know is that I don't know T, I don't know Z, and I'm guessing it won't affect my life much.
My time spent working in fast food restaurants many years ago, and my experience dealing with pseudo-law enforcement types over the years make it easy for me to believe the worst parts of both these scenarios.
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