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I have read a bunch of the news stories related to the incident. I think it's too early to draw a conclusion in the case. I believe they have people who are paid to determine whether this in fact was a crime or not. The problem is that this is an incident that can and did cause national headlines so depending on what article you read, it has a different spin. It is impossible to draw a factual conclusion so everyone is drawing the conclusion that their mind is already set to believe. For example, for some people it's racism and for other people it's a thug who got what was coming.
I think that the lawyer Zimmerman got to represent him is only making him look worse based on the interviews that I saw. I also think it's sad that some outlets are trying to make the kid seem like a villian based on the fact that he has tattoos and all of the crap that most of the youth are doing these days.
I listened to the 911 calls and I think they are damning for Z. In a neighborhood watch aren't you supposed to observe and report? By his own calls you can tell that he is pursuing the kid against the advice of the 911 operator. My current opinion is that if Z had listened to the 911 operator this whole situation would have been avoided. The Z camp said yesterday that they were going to release evidence that the conclusion I have drawn is incorrect, so I am waiting to see.
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