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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
From a technical standpoint I agree with your post.

Now, let's say Z did initiate contact, asked T-Dawg what he was doing in the wrong hood, T-Dawg got all yo dawg I'm mindin my own business walkin all thug like with my hoodie up in yo hood and what the fukc you gonna do about it,

T-dawg relax, I'm just out on neighborhood watch and didn't recognize you....

No you relax you racist mutha fucka, I'ma beat yo ass

T-dawg now beats the shit out of Z, Z shoots him as he was fearing his life.

You see, that's the exact same story you posted, but from a different perspective.

I mean, punk ass 17 year old kids of any race are never argumentative, bigger than the world or confrontational when someone questions them, right?

I have no idea what happened, all I know is that I don't know T, I don't know Z, and I'm guessing it won't affect my life much.
After watching Al Sharpton, the Detroit City Council, and many episodes of Hardcore Pawn I have to believe this very well could have been how it went down.

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