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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
What situation did Travyon put himself in? Being followed by the creepy neighborhood watch guy?
The situation was being wherever he was to cause this guy concern. Maybe this guy was a psycho, maybe he wasn't. Maybe Trayvon was a thug look alike peering in car windows, maybe he was just a kid walking down the street eating his Skittles.

I wasn't brought up to be a bleeding heart liberal so I don't automatically assume this kid was completely innocent.

I was 17 once. I wasn't an angel. When I was a kid there was no, "wrong place wrong time" being coincidental. If I was near enough to some shit going down I was likely involved somehow. Most often my parents were right. When I got blamed for something that happened it was because my actions up to that point opened the door for a somewhat legit accusation. So I know what its like to be 17 years old and not be completely innocent.

I also know what its like to be a homeowner and adult that has had to deal with petty bullshit that the kids in your neighborhood are capable of. I know what its like to look at a group of kids and wonder if they are the ones that took shit from my truck, etc...

Either way there is no reason this kid should be dead and based on the current info I think its a bit too soon to crucify Z.
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