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Originally Posted by booblinker View Post
I find it funny how the last few weeks the media has demonized Zimmerman, and make it sound like he killed him in cold blood. Now it is coming out that witnesses seen Martin on zimmerman beating his head in, and the fact that Zimmerman was bloodied and bruised when the police arrived. But up until today none of that was told, and I still haven't seen it on mainstream new yet. what are your thought. I think Zimmerman should be prosecuted if he killed him without being attacked, I also think that he will not get a fair trial, or ever live a good life after due to media wanting to make it look like the bad white man killed the innocent black kid, and only reporting half the facts.

Zimmerman stalked Martin through the neighborhood in the dark, you can hear him mutter "fuckin coons" iin the 911 call and has a long history of a wanna-be vigilante.

If you're out minding our own business and some weird fack confronts you - and probably not in the best language, or pushes you - you won't feel the need to defend yourself?

Zimmerman went out with that handgun looking for a fight.
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