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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
This much we can gather from the recorded phone call;
Neighborhood watchman sees a suspicious character.
Neighborhood watchman calls cops and tells them he is following suspicious character.
Cops tell neighborhood watchman to NOT follow suspicious character.
Neighborhood watchman follows suspicious character against police orders.

This much we suspect;
Neighborhood watchman approaches suspicious character against police orders.
Argument ensues and escalates.
Fight starts.

This much we know;
Neighborhood watchman kills suspicious character.

My opinion? Neighborhood watchman is fucked. His job as a watchman was to keep an eye out and call the police if something aroused his suspicion. NOT to take matters into his own hands. I recognize and support that he has no duty to retreat. However, he had no authority to approach someone on the street for any reason. If it were on his property, yes. But if the kid was truly on the street or sidewalk, what the kid was doing was none of the watchman's business. For that matter, even if the kid chose to walk behind someone else's house, the watchman had no duty to follow him. He had already done his job as a neighborhood watchman by notifying the police.
He called 911, not the cops. The 911 operator directed him not to follow, which he is not legally obligated to do.

I heard that while on the phone he had lost sight of Trayvon. Something happened in between that time, and then Zimmerman was getting back to his truck when he was attacked by Trayvon. Trayvon was apparently on top of Zimmerman when he shot and killed Trayvon. From this point of view it wasn't Zimmerman who did the confronting.

So Zimmerman was probably trying to ward off crime in his mind. Whether it was right or not to follow someone, who knows. Should Zimmerman have been attacked violently for that though?

If that is what happened, then in my mind it is justified.

Granted, the facts are so twisted who knows what happened.
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