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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
I still don't understand how certain administrative officials can sit back and let all these things happen and not get up and do anything about it. People wonder why many individuals choose not to work, it's probably because they can't locate a job that pays well enough to even go TO work let alone pay for food and bills. If gas gets any higher many people will not be able to go to work let alone pay for any bills they might have. The only people who won't be affected are rich upper class people with salaries above 200K.

You say government wants people to drive small shitbox cars, well how can anyone afford to buy one with prices well above the average persons means? I have talked to people who work at a place that builds parts for certain manufacturers that say they can't even afford a new vehicle for the wages they are being paid. I have said that life in this country depends on Trucks, trains, and planes. if even half of the truck drivers in this country just parked for one week this whole country would come to a halt as we know it. something like that may just be enough to force people of power to fix this "economy"
This is probably the most intelligent thing you have ever posted.
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