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Originally Posted by dougstephvoor View Post
I agree with all of Scooters discussionary comments, however my point is, the more fuel you buy the more revenue gernerated for the gubment to create more regulations. I wonder if they add enough emision control where all vehiccals will get 1 mile to the gallon, while poluting very little, will every one feel satisfied as they are refining, trucking shipping, taxing, the shit out of the fuel into "Peak oil" production.

Dude - not gonna happen. The emission regs are getting tighter and CAFE (corporate avg fuel economy) requirements are getting increasingly stupid.

The formatting on this will suck, but here goes:

Table 1. Estimated Average Required Fleet-Wide Fuel Economy (mpg) under Proposed
Footprint-Based CAFE Standards
_____________base___2017___2018___2019___2020___20 21___2022___2023___2024___2025
Passenger Cars 37.8___ 40.0__ 41.4___ 43.0___ 44.7___ 46.6 __48.8 ___51.0 ___53.5 ___56.0
Light Trucks __28.8 ___29.4___ 30.0___ 30.6___ 31.2___ 33.3__ 34.9___ 36.6___ 38.5 ___40.3
Combined Cars
& Trucks _____34.1___ 35.3___ 36.4 ___37.5___ 38.8___ 40.9__ 42.9___ 45.0 ___47.3___ 49.6

So, you can see from the info above (hopefully) that the government is also making manufacturers strive for higher fuel economy while also continuing to reduce emissions.
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