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Default emision controls

Originally Posted by Bones View Post
do you understand anything about emissions?
I understand that my 99 cummins diesel truck would get 20.9 MPG driving respecably down the highway.

My 2004 ford would get 13.9 same driving

My 2010 ford gets 12.4 same driving

I realize I have shift manufacturers here, however the emission controls added to the vehicals have substantially increased the over all consumption of fuel. The weight of these trucks are relatively the same, they have the same gearing in the rears etc.

I agree with all of Scooters discussionary comments, however my point is, the more fuel you buy the more revenue gernerated for the gubment to create more regulations. I wonder if they add enough emision control where all vehiccals will get 1 mile to the gallon, while poluting very little, will every one feel satisfied as they are refining, trucking shipping, taxing, the shit out of the fuel into "Peak oil" production.
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