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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
.......Even though those idiots are too short-sighted to see the power plant emissions are much higher that the equivalent petrol car and that the country's electrical infrastructure doesn't have the capability of supporting 100% electric fleets.
Hit the nail on the head with that one.

We can go back to the massive power outage of 2003 in the north east/midwest where power was out for 2 days, which from my understanding, was a result of a few failed lines and the system was already near maximum capacity and poor management of resources. I'm sure the management stuff has improved, but aside from a few small windfarms and other minor stuff to improvement the supply of power, which wouldn't be enough, even if we had 25% adoption of electric vehicles, what has been done about power transmission?

I'm sure they could set stuff up where cars can only charge off peak hours, but that requires more in infrastructure, something that few (if any?) want to bear the cost burden for.
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