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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
well yes, those things, and overal oil used in general, and whatever pollutants are created during the refinery, drilling, and delivery processes of a gallon of gas.

since i am emissions dumb, let's just say that to create 1 gallon of useable automotive gasoline creates 40 parts pollutant. (drilling, transporting, refining, transporting, pumping into said car etc)

And let's say the burning of 1 gallon of gasoline in the average car creates 1 part pollutant.

Now if we could allow said car to get double the mpg, or maybe 1.5 the mpg(for sake of argument , much less restrictive emissions, less mass (as scoots pointed out), and it's easy math) which I think is reasonably possible.

So since the math is easy, let's now say that said cars on the road now create twice the pollutant per gallon of gas, but travel twice as far.....we've broken even there. (it used to take 2 gallons and 2 pollutant parts to travel 60 miles, but now we create 2 pollutant parts and only burn 1 gallon of fuel to go 60 miles) we still create 40 pollutant parts per useable gallon (drill transport, refine, deliver), except we've cut our demand in half.....Nearly cutting our emissions in half.

I don't doubt my math, (as it is all hypothetical) and my theory has plenty of holes in it, but I have to wonder if there is any sort of possiblity to this train of thought at all.
I don't doubt that this is possible, but is it a reasonable possibility that intrigues me. With simple numbers it does seem as though it can work and work well but this is all hypothetical. I thought you had a very valid point and wanted to be sure I was seeing thins the same way you were.
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