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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
do you understand anything about emissions?
Bones, My question to you is this. A Taurus that averages, say, 20 highway and a TDI that averages 50 highway. Both take the same 200 mile trip burning 10 gallons for the Taurus and 4 for the TDI. Which would pollute more? I say the Taurus. Diesels might pollute more per gallon, but gas pollutes more per mile driven. If you can offer insight as to a more scientific answer please do, I am interested.

Originally Posted by skife View Post
don't get me started on safety equipment

did you know tire pressure moniters are legally required now?

no amount of technology can fix stupid. if you're a shitty driver its probably because your an idiot or you learned through our shitty drivers ed classes.

take drivers ed, turn it into a 2-3 month course or so, include things like controlling a skid and threshold braking, not having kids sit in a classroom for 20 hours then hitting the streets having their parents teach them.
THANK YOU!!! I agree with this completely. I started on a dirt bike and got told to not fall down and where the clutch was in 5th grade, I had to learn how to control the bike and respond to a loss of control. When I moved to a four wheeler I learned a lot about how to handle a panic stop, a skid on ice, evasive maneuvers, and if I didn't learn I crashed or fell off. I am not saying I am a driver that will make your jaw drop, but I can handle a car and get it to do what I want.
Also, are you serious those damn things are now required? I wonder why the cost of a car is what it is. You can't fix stupid and protect an idiot from himself.
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