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Originally Posted by artistic_gore View Post
Well if that's the way you want to swing it.

And no, all of my grandparents are dead and my parents are 50 and 53. All of my grandparents worked until they died though 2 of them were collecting military retirement and only working part time. My father in-law is also collecting a military pension and has some money from selling a business in the 80s. I don't know if they collect SS but I know that they didn't have to and I am fairly confident that the system will be gone before my parents are old enough to collect.
Thats trhe way you want to swing it. So whats the difference military retirement or SS. The govrernment pays both? Why not eliminate that also? I seriously doubt that SS will be gone before your parents are old enough to retire. There may be some changes but there are changes going on all the time. So those of us that have already paid in for 40-50 years are now just supposed to go o'well we should never have planned on getting paid back for all the money we invested? I am pretty sure that with all the money my employers and myself put into SS we should have had plenty of money to last a long time. When most of us were working we never had 401's and IRA's available to invest in ever year or maybe some of the older people would have made better choices. Good for them if they do not have to collect SS. Maybe you should talk them intop not collecting anymore so the rest of us can get some of our own money back.
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