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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
There are Christians who preach to non Christians about how they will burn in hell for not accepting Christ. This is fine with me, as they are doing what they should do- save their fellow man from eternal damnation in their eyes.
However, by doing so you are giving the impression that you believe you are better than them- you are 'saved' and they are not.

If it is God that forgives, how can you possibly be given an opportunity to forgive?
This is the problem I have with some Christians- Their faith gives them the claim to have all the answers. Non-believers can simply say "I don't know".
Christians that threaten others about buring in hell is wrong and scare tactics usually don't work and only turn off the very ones we need to be working on to show and convince they are going down the wrong path.
I would put it this way, Instead of saying your going to burn in hell, or would you rather be separated from God. The first is abrasive and a turn off the second is a question giving you the opportunity to make a choice.
Actually sharing my faith and belief with others is being genuine and not wanting you or others to suffer an eternity separated from God.
By not sharing, one would be selfish to think they could keep God to themselves. Jesus came for everybody and wishes that none would perish. I think that is why He is waiting before His return.

As for forgiving, if somebody does you or friends or family members wrong then You can and should forgive them. But things and people out of your control, that is God's thing.
As for Christians having all the answers, I don't but I have access to God and He has all the answers.
Some things I say here I am speaking from my mind and thinking without asking God or waiting for an answer how to reply.
I do speak out somewhat abrasive on comments which some things I should ignore but get caught up and as Scott says get myself in trouble.
I do appologize to any I have offended because that was and is not my intention. I see things as black and white and forgetting who I am speaking to. I do need to give you guys more slack.
I have said it before Scott has a way with words and I do wish I could communicate as well as he does. I don't, I just say it like I see it. I 'll try and do better to answer and debate accordingly. Thanks.
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