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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
That is what you believe it to be. There are people that do watch Christains very closely and wait for them to mess up and then jump at the chance to say you Christians are no better than the rest of sociey. We all make mistakes and screw up as Christains we are suppose to try a little harder to be an example.
And yes some Christains do think higher of themselves than they ought to and that is pride.
As for my avitar. I am being open minded, how can anybody coexist with people trying to kill you. You can attempt to live with people but when they toss rockets over everyday it makes things kinda difficult.
I never mentioned anything about not forgiving them for what hey are doing. Its not right besides its God that forgives others. When something is done to me then I have an opportunity to forgive.
There are Christians who preach to non Christians about how they will burn in hell for not accepting Christ. This is fine with me, as they are doing what they should do- save their fellow man from eternal damnation in their eyes.
However, by doing so you are giving the impression that you believe you are better than them- you are 'saved' and they are not.

If it is God that forgives, how can you possibly be given an opportunity to forgive?
This is the problem I have with some Christians- Their faith gives them the claim to have all the answers. Non-believers can simply say "I don't know".
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