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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Anything can harm a marriage. Saying one particular thing will harm a marriage and applying it equally and broad smells of agenda. Yes porn can be detrimental to a marriage, but not all of them. While we all may be wired the same at the basic instinct level, we are all individuals and treat different scenarios differently.

I dont think your average human being needs a sermon for that message.

I got the impression by your first post, and a few subsequent posts, that porn will harm all marriages and even those who say "porn is OK" are still destroying their marriage despite them thinking they are fine.
I could understand why I might come across that way. I see porn as a very possible problem for marriages. While there are "Stronger minded" people, there are half a dozen others that I believe could get sucked in. I am one person that has struggled with porn. I forged those 'pathways' in my mind when I was a Teenager, not knowing the repercussions it would have on my marriage and relationships. I've been married for 4 years and I still am tempted to go down that road often. The only reason I don't is because of the support of my wife and knowledge like that shared in this sermon.

The purpose of me posting this was to throw out a life preserver for anybody who might still struggle or may not yet be in over thier head. A few people have already PM'ed me about it and thanked me for posting it.

It wasnt the brain develop part.. It was the "whats true for one person" part. Our brains do not develop the same. If you had kids you would understand this. Ive got two, 9 and almost 6. No way their brains are developing the same. Not a chance. You can take a look at all levels of society and see our brains, on a broad scale, do not develop the same. Sure there are commonalities among groups of people and those people tend to find one another and clump.
I get what you're saying and know this from witnessing the difference in me and my twin brother. We are Literally polar opposite.

Absolutely, and personally I would agree. Porn would hurt my marriage because I know my wife would be averse to it. So if I choose to start watching it, she will have issues. But thats MY situation. Others will be different.

Its the equal application to all, under the thought that since one thing is true for one person, it must be true for all, that lands you in dangerous territory. Especially from a sermon.
That last part was for Riding Dirty. But thanks for understanding.

Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
Sorry. Non-believers and athiests do not hold Christians to a higher standard.

However, some Christians seem to believe they have higher standards simply because they are Christians. Those are the ones who get jumped all over when they screw up.

BTW, nice avatar. Very open minded and chock full o' forgiveness.
"That wasn't very Christian Like" has been muttered to me by both of the parties you mentioned above. Multiple times. Multiple people. This would indicate that they do, indeed, hold us to a higher standard.

Which is ok, because we should be living our lives to a higher standard. More importantly we should understand that we are only in the right standing with God we're in by What Christ did for us on the cross. I'm not aspiring to be at a higher standard to look down on someone, I'm aspiring to do that because I'm trying to BE like someone who was perfect. To look down on someone who is an unbeliever is the complete opposite of what Jesus taught and is spitting in the face of God showing us Grace and Mercy. Sadly, though, you are right in alot of cases. I'm merely saying that that's not what Christ taught and it's indication that he is not done with that believer yet in allowing them to come to a complete understanding of God's grace to them.
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